Swim Program

Swim Program Overview
Dear Parents,
I thought it would be useful for you to know how we assess your child and the significance of the ribbon system.  First, you may notice that your child receives a colored ribbon each day. The ribbon indicates where he/she is allowed to swim during free swim. Throughout the camp season ongoing assessments are made to see if he/she is capable of being promoted to a new free swim area.  Lastly, what’s important is not pushing your child beyond what they are developmentally capable of doing. Often progression in the swimming pool happens as children grow and become more comfortable. I’m enjoying working with your child!

** Ribbon assignments are subjective and may be assigned differently during instructional and/or free swim.  Below is a general breakdown of skill assessments to help you better understand your camper's pool assignment.
Explorers (Red Ribbon)
Aptly titled, this group learns best by working on isolated skills, playing games that build skills, and exploring the pool. What is essential with this group is learning not to fear the water, while at the same time learning to respect it, and mostly learning that swimming is fun. Listed are examples of what skills the instructors are working on with the children:
Blow bubbles for 5 seconds
Bounce up and down in chest deep water 10 times
Demonstrate assisted back/front float
Flutter kick on back/front with support
Push off and glide on front/back
Beginners (Orange Ribbon)
This beginner group is learning the essentials of swimming, the skills taught are as follows:
Hold breath and fully submerge head
Submerge to retrieve object in chest deep water
Back/front float unsupported
Supported side float
Flutter kick back/front unsupported
Beginner stroke on front 15 yards
Ball or Jellyfish float
Jumping into mid depth water
Advanced Beginners (Yellow Ribbon)
Stroke development begins here, while at the same time building endurance, and confidence while swimming in deeper water
Rhythmic bobbing 25 times (hum-bobs) Beginning Survival float in mid depth water 1 minute
Retrieve object in chin deep water Back/front kick 15 yards with good form
Side kick 15 yards
Roll from front to back glide
Front crawl 15 yards
Backstroke 15 yards
Jump in deep water ; return to wall
Dolphin pulses with hands at side
Intermediate (Green Ribbon)
Swimmer indeed! This group continues to work on stroke development, endurance and longevity in the pool.
Survival float for 2 minutes Beginning rotary breathing Tread water 1 minute Back/ front crawl with rotary breathing 25 yards
Over arm side stroke with flutter kick 25 yards
Breast stroke arms with dolphin kick
Dolphin pulses with breathing 25 yards
Sitting dive from deck (deep end)
Kneeling dive from deck
Learn and know deep-water safety rules
This is the group most ready for swim team. They’ve developed the fundamentals, and are competent swimmers.
Demonstrate alternate breathing
Breaststroke 25 yards
Swim under water 15 feet
Dolphin pulses arms in front 25 yards
Back /front crawl 50 yards
Tread water 2 ¼ mm
Scull on back, hands at sides
Standing dive from pool deck
Foot first surface dive.